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Grand Opening - Faction Titan

Hey everyone!

I'd first like to thank everyone for the wonderful release we had at 3PM Eastern Time. We've reached ~200 players when we disabled the whitelist for our factions server.
We had fun in our Staff Lounge fixing issues across multiple hours to ensure a better experience in our beta session.

Just a Reminder, our current Beta Rules are located here, and as always our Server IP is minestar.gg

If you haven't been in the loop recently, I've re-posted the information for the current map.

Map Information
  • 7d Grace 7d TNT
  • 20 Man Factions
  • 4 Second Cannon Speed
  • 25 Chunk Buffers
  • Sugar Cane Eco
  • 12 Hour Shields
Trailer: Minestar Network Faction's Trailer

Additionally, we are currently running a Store Sale Live!
  • 10% off Nova and Lunar
  • 20% off Commander, Astro, and Titan
  • 20% off Bulk tools
  • 25% off Bulk crate keys
Our Store: store.minestar.gg

We plan on releasing Map 1 in about two weeks. We're aiming our arrow at around July 4, 2020, if you're a Faction Leader, please vote on this message.

Thank you again for joining us in our adventure, if you need any assistance or have bugs to report please let staff know.

~ Minestar Network Staff Team ~