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Official Rules of the Minestar Network
  1. Preface

    These rules are enforced across the entire network on all platforms where applicable.

    These rules are subject to change at any time, and without warning.

    Duration and severity of any and all punishments will vary based on the discretion of the acting staff member.

Article I - Gameplay
  1. Cheating
    The use of any modifications which provide an unfair advantage are forbidden. Any exploits, whether in Minecraft or on the server, are also prohibited. Third party software, such as autoclickers, are also forbidden. If it is unclear that a glitch is disallowed under this rule, punishment is up to the discretion of the staff member.
  2. Evasion
    Bypassing any punishment using an alternate account or server system will result in a permanent ban. All punishments have a duration for a reason, either wait it out or create an appeal.
  3. Attacks
    Any attempt to attack or harm the server with gameplay mechanics will result in a permanent ban. This includes lag machines and software exploits which significantly reduce server performance or quality.
Article II - Speech & Writing
  1. Advertising
    Advertisement of any Minecraft server or website is prohibited. Mentioning a non-competing organization is appropriate, as long as it does not draw players away from Minestar.
  2. Language
    Profanity to a reasonable extent is allowed, but may not be directed at another player. Slurs of any kind are entirely disallowed, regardless of circumstances.
  3. Respect
    All users on our server, both players and staff, should be treated with respect in all situations. All decisions and commands made by staff members with respect to the rules are not to be questioned. Disrespect towards other players is not permitted. Extensive harassment of any user is forbidden, including threats to possession or person. Arguments with other players are allowed, as long as they are contained and stable. Discrimination against any person, idea, or characteristic is never tolerated.
  4. Spam
    Spamming the same words or sentences repeatedly is prohibited. The use of excessive capitals for words or sentences is not allowed. Any form of chat flooding is disallowed.
  5. Impersonation
    The impersonation of any staff member is prohibited. You may not represent yourself either as a current member of our staff team, or as a member of staff yourself.
  6. Forums
    Threads on the forums are to be relevant to the category they are created in. Power-posting and thread hijacking are forbidden. All posts should pertain to the topic of the thread they are posted on.
Article III - Security
  1. Account Security
    All users are responsible for the security and wellbeing of their accounts. If your account is compromised to any degree, you will be held responsible for any and all rules broken. Any punishments on your account may be reversed and wiped from record if valid proof of compromise is presented.
  2. Player Security
    Any threat or attempt to reveal private information about or affect the wellbeing of another player (DOX, DDoS) will result in a permanent ban from all platforms with no option for appeal, excepting other clauses.
  3. Transcation
    Minestar does not recognize the trading or selling of any items distributed by a third party unless officially stated. No commercial goods purchased from Minestar may be refunded without approval from an administrator. Any unauthorized refund will result in a permanent ban of your account.
Article IV - Faction Rules
  1. Faction Specific Rules
    Google Docs - Contains information related to Cannon/Raid, Base, and overall Faction rules.